22nd Aug


Tennis and Golfers Elbow

Tennis Elbow/Golfers Elbow
Got TennisElbow or Golfers Elbow and you don’t play tennis or golf… How so?
If you have this condition you will know that knocking the bony lump at the inside or outside of the elbow is painful. Other symptoms include stiff and sore in the morning when first moving the elbow along with pain on gripping.
Both these conditions are tendon troubles which are most often a muscle weakness issue. The weakness can be true weakness or that you did too much on the weekend (e.g. gardening, painting, chainsawing, texting). LOAD on the tendon is the problem. The amount of load on the tendon can be reduced by increasing the muscle strength in the appropriate muscle group (as long as the tendon can tolerate the load).
A progressive programme of slowly increasing load for the muscle will assist in relieving the pain at your elbow.

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