19th Nov


Pain under my big toe – Could be Sesamoiditis?

Sesamoid bones are smallish bones that sit in tendons and improve the mechanical force able to be generated by the muscle. The name comes from the Latin word sesamum meaning sesame seed. The biggest sesamoid bone in your body is the knee cap. They all have unusual names like patella, fabella, hyoid, pisiform or lenticular process of the incus or are named as the sesamoid in the particular muscle (flexor hallucis brevis or adductor pollicus). The two under your big toe can be painful if you dance or run a lot especially on your toes. Sometimes they fracture into two pieces (or many pieces as can be the case with the knee cap which will require an operation).

Appropriate training programme, running technique and shoe type can cause these bones to get sore. Orthotics, padding around the sesamoid bone, correct footwear and a period of rest will help this condition settle.

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