8th May


Fiziotherapy Phacts and Blue Moons

Experience Counts

There are 27 547 Physiotherapists registered in Australia of which 887 are not practicing (December 2015).
68% of Physiotherapists identify as female and 32% male.
17 365 are under 39 years old.
6015 are over 50 years old, 21 of these are over 80 years old and 15 of the 80 year olds continue to practice.
3393 Physiotherapists are registered in Western Australia.

A 50 year old Physiotherapist does not necessarily have >25 years experience as there are many Post Graduate courses allowing Physiotherapy qualification.

The average time a Physiotherapy graduate works in Physiotherapy is around 8 years and 50% of Physiotherapists have LESS THAN 4 years experience.
ONLY 7% of Physiotherapist have more than 20 years experience (http://www.payscale.com/research/AU/Job=Physiotherapist/Salary)

The chance of being treated by a Physiotherapist with more than 20-25 years experience is minuscule but at Scott Street Physiotherapy it is 100%.

At Scott Street Physiotherapy our Physiotherapists are so experienced Carbon dating was required! Grant Mercorella has 20 years of experience and Nick Shanahan 27 years. Statistically – as rare as a blue moon except in February. As a matter of fact there has been 11 episodes of two full moons in a month over the last 27 years with two occasions of two full moons in a month in 1999 and none in February for at least the last 116 years and no plans for one in February until after 2100. The next blue moon is in January 2018.

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