13th Dec


Does posture always matter? Sometimes “Go ahead, just SLUMP”

RULES damn rules.

To make life appear more manageable many of us rely on our beliefs, favourite sayings, mother’s common statements and old wives tales. A common one we get is
“You need good posture – Sit up straight, chest forward”. Some people are so upright and rigid they have turned standing up into an Olympic event. Alas their symptoms remain and they stand even more upright and then go to Pilates to get even more rigid and upright and tight and fatigued and so on.

Belief in these sayings can be detrimental and, challenging the presumed logic can be confusing and confronting. In the end if it isn’t working then a new strategy is needed. Sometimes slumping is the answer. Often Pilates is not the answer. Stiff people should go to Yoga and the loose people at Yoga should probably do Pilates.

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