18th Mar


75 Trillion cells and counting.

Everywhere I look I see hard working Trillionaires.

One trillion is a million million. There are only 384 billion millimetres from Earth to the Moon. We are all born Trillionaires – At last count there are around 75 Trillion cells in our bodies. Many different cells, all at the same time, are doing their thing. Some are slacking off waiting to grow up, most cells are doing amazing things whilst lots are hitting the end of their lives and are devoured.

Take bones for example. They have working cells that break down the older bone working like an underground boring machine. Immediately behind these home wreckers are the Mr Fixit cells that build up bone to fill the hole and move along the tunnels. As some grow up others are moved on. When you break a bone first there is bleeding. The blood dies and releases enzymes that create a party in the bone to increase the rate of bone turnover to fill the space with young bone. These bone cells mature and ultimately line up to strengthen the bone. This normally takes 8-12 weeks.

In other words, most body parts – skin, bone, liver, cornea, liver, red blood cells, lining of the stomach and intestine plus others – have baby cells living deep in the tissue that are just waiting to grow up. They become adolescent, grow up to be mature to do their work as required. They then hit the end of their abilities and are retired off. No asking. No telling. No superannuation. No Gold watch. No pension.

Here are examples of cell life expectancy:
Red blood cells four months
White blood cells one year
Skin cells 2-4 weeks
Colon cells 4 days
Hair cells grow 1cm a month unless plucked.
Brain cells – a lifetime except for the ones that die – take care there are around 100 billion brain cells only.

Healthy lifestyle choices are a sure way to continue to encourage your cells to want to live a good life. Exercise to keep bones strong, less booze for a healthy liver, no smoking for healthy lungs, less direct sunlight for healthy skin, beautiful healthy colourful food for good nutrition.

Give yourself a pat on the back for all those cells automatically getting on with their lives to keep you healthy, upright and living. Take a bow CELLS – you all deserve it – all 75 trillion of you.

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